Herba Manager Canada
Save time!
Build your business!
Save time!
Build your business!

Business and customer management software
designed for independent Herbalife distributors

The  Solution!

  • Quick, easy to use and efficient!
  • Contact manager and address book.
  • Files for scanned documents (virtual filing cabinet).
  • Respects canadian taxes for every province.
  • Bilingual software: English and French.
  • Trilingual Canadian price list: English, French, Spanish.
  • Bilingual American price list: English, Spanish.
  • The Software and the Canadian and American products are updated online according to the Herbalife price changes.
  • User Guide PDF colored with images ± 380 pages.
  • Online Training Video.

600.00 $ taxes included

Included in your purchase of Herba Manager Canada you have:
  • one activation key
  • one color illustrated user guide PDF ± 380 pages
  • 11 training video downloadable
  • 12 months of free LiveUpdates

To order, call us at 1 877 564-1777 ou fill our PDF order form.

Service plan
12 months after the purchase of Herba Manager Canada, optional annual subscription of LiveUpdate Service os vailable for 99.00 $ taxes included.
With the purchase of the Herba Manager Canada software, you will have access to the 11 following training videos:

  • File Menu
  • Sponsors Menu
  • Customers Menu
  • Suppliers Menu
  • Products Menu
  • Sales Menu
  • Purchases Menu
  • Reports Menu
  • Tools Menu
  • Car
  • Help Menu
Gain freedom & add professionalism to your business

Maintain V.I.P. relationships with your customers, prospects, distributors, supervisors, etc.

  • Prospect files (customer, weight, health and business)
  • Complete customer files and scanned documents
  • Managing Follow up files
  • 12-month sold product file
  • Volume point sales history
  • Team volume point history
  • Sponsoring line
  • Team promotion management
  • Address labels for birthday cards
  • Address labels for customer, prospect and/or by city
  • Inventory management
  • Access your profits at all times and more!

Print out a multitude of reports

  • Personalized invoice with logo and/or print Herbalife Retail order form
  • Sales and purchasing journals
  • List of accounts receivable and payable
  • Bookkeeping management
  • Quick volume point calculations
  • 10-customer form
  • Petty cash ledger ( meal and other )
  • Transaction ledger ( income and expense )
  • Annual car kilometer report and log book
  • Annual fiscal car expense report and car expense account
  • Income and expense summary
  • GST/PST tax reports and more!

DID YOU KNOW Herba Manager Canada ALLOWS YOU TO…?

Maximize your income
Optimize your time
Reduce your efforts

Useful downloads

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view and print some of the following documents. Click here to get the FREE Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader. To save the file on your computer, right click and then choose save target as.


Herba Management Canada is a gold mine for any serious distributor. 
There is 4 immediate benefits that comes to mind:
Herba Management Canada calculates my GST and TPS returns or payment for me
It allows me to manage my distributors' and customers buying records easely
I can manage all my revenus and business expenses by myself without the use of an accountant!
I get an incredible customer and technical support from Gestion GNS

August 2003
Pierre Lescarbeau & Lily Scabilis, Montréal, Q.C.
Global Expansion Team (Get-Team)

Since september 2003, we strongly recommend the Herba Manager Canada software to our organization because it is the key to managing all of the Herbalife business.  In the past, we tried a number of solutions but I guarantee you that Michel Guilbert put his heart and soul in the development of this multifunctional software which is unique at the moment and it will stay this way in the future because he improves it constantly. Imagine all of the work we are saving and what an incredible customer service!

Francis Leroux & Suzie Bureau, St-Sauveur des Monts, Q.C. 
Millionaire Team Members

I would like to share with you my impressions of  Herba  Management Canada  software. 
a) I saved in all sincerity more than 6000$ this year right because of the TOOL:CAR EXPENSES
(Account of expenditure) 
b) Moreover that allowed me to follow much easier my entries and expenditure of moneys. 
c) To the level of my handing-over of quarterly TPS/TVQ, I gave  286.00 $  to my accountant 
which I do not do no more.
d) Much easier to make the Petty Cash 
e) Helps you make your orders without mistakes and mostly they always balance with the same  
amount of  Volume Points and Dollars $$$ has Herbalife's. It's fool proof and I've been using it for more that 6 months and never found a bug.
I say that any distributor who begins it's career in the business of Herbalife, should buy this software thus he will find much easier to know and where he makes money, where he spends it and where he wastes it. It is really a management tool, an accounting tool but without the expenses of a monthly accountant

July 2003
Serge S. Boyer &  Sylvie  Charbonneau,  St-Bruno, Q.C.
Global  Expansion Team (Get Team)

We have been using the Herba Manager Canada software since september 2003. It enables us to be completely independent and manage our business in a simple and very efficient manner. It is the perfect tool for all independent Herbalife distributors. And congratulations for your customer service, always available and quick.

Erin & , Hakim P.Kassam, Montreal, Q.C. 
Independent Herbalife distributors
Millionaire Team Members.

Herba Manager Canada is a very powerful software.  Its conception considered efficiency, profitability and secure management. I have been working with the software since February 2003 and we are very satisfied. The service is courteous and quick.  We also have trainings on how to use the software. I recommend it to my team and to all independent Herbalife distributors, beginners or not.

Marcel & Pierrette Gauthier, Q.C.   
Global Expansion Team Members

Big Thanks to the designers of the Herba Manager Canada software!
I have been using this software since january 2003 and it really made my life easier...  It is easy to understand; you don't even need to know how to count!!! It is a very powerful tool that I consider to be essential for all independent Herbalife distributors! It helps me in my financial management, my inventory management, my car mileage and my GST/QST returns! Making an invoice and calculating discounts has never been that simple and fast!!! I could not live without it!!!  On top of it, the customer service is fantastic and provided by Gestion GNS's team!

Suzanne Julien,, Quebec, Q.C. 
Millionaire Team Member

Hi Michel, what a great Saturday training on the Herba Manager Canada software, it was last January 31, 2004 in Quebec.  We really wanted to personally thank you for your precious help but more specifically for your quick response.  Also, thank you to Claudette for her great advice. Michel, you are an excellent teacher. Don't change, that's how we like you. Humor always has its place and it cheers people up.  Just like Herbalife, with you it is " KEEP IT SIMPLE ", for us that's perfect.

With friendship,
Gaby and Michel Dorval, Rivière-du-loup, Q.C. 
World Team Members

The Herba Manager Canada software is a very efficient tool to manage a business like Herbalife.  I work as a full-time teacher and the remainder of my time is accounted for and precious. This very powerful software enables me to save many hours of work and calculations I learned how to use it and to make my book keeping more pleasant. Special thank you to the Gestion GNS team & Michel Guilbert for the excellent service and the many dynamic training sessions on this product.  I recommend the Herba Manager software to all independent Herbalife distributors who want first rate business management and healthy tax habits.

August 2003
Daniel Belzil,  Deauville, Q.C. 
Global Expansion Team Members

Dear friend, to follow up on last Saturday's training session on the Herba Manager Canada software, I am amazed to discover the possibilities this software offers. I thought it simply was an accounting software.  The more you went on, I thought of how many occasions we missed to be in contact with a former customer or distributor in our organization (simply because we forgot or were distracted).  It is a great management tool, simple, efficient and professional. We are positive that with this new management tool our business will grow 10 times more quickly and in a more professional manner.  We cannot even imagine where we would be today if it would have been available 5 years ago. Thank you Michel for your expertise and thank you Claudette for your participation as a Herbalife distributor and for all that you brought to Herba Manager Canada and thank you to both of you for the time you put in teaching it to us.

October 2003
Health and long life to both of,
Cheryl & Pierre Pagé, Quebec, Q.C. 
Millionaire Team Members

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